Host/Venue Selection

Many sport clubs and associations don’t necessarily have the advantage of having their own venue for sport events and therefore need to organise events by renting or organising call for bids. This particular module is created for those purposes and hence, not all users might find it applicable. In any case, organising events (games, competitions, tournaments) at external venues carry additional efforts in order to ensure certain levels of environmental sustainability. Many aspects which revolve around event management are externalised and depend on the owner’s environmental practices and principles. However, the freedom of choice allows the event organisers to choose the most suitable and most environmental friendly options. But in order to do so, many challenges emerge.

This module explores all the possibilities for ensuring that whatever choice is made by the organiser, opportunities for making that choice and decision as environmentally friendly as possible exist – from he bidding process, through staging of the event, to the wrap up and follow up.

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