Event Management

The organisation of sports events is an activity as complex as it could be. Whatever sport it is, an event includes a whole lot of various stakeholders such as media, caterers, logistics, teams, local support and many others including the most obvious one – visitors and supporters. Given the fact that some sports can attract as much as 50.000 visitors, we can easily consider a sport event as a living middle-sized town for a day. If the event is spread over several days or weeks, it could indeed be considered a town for itself. And just like every town, sport events require solutions for mobility, waste management, resource management, food and beverage consumption, communication and more. All these occurrences have an impact on our environment. Taking this into consideration, sport events can reach out to a large target group and influence their habits and behaviour by setting an example with media coverage surely extrapolating the outreach. Surveys and research shows that visitors would prefer to maintain their environmental friendly habits, whether contributing to recycling or choosing environmentally friendly transport solutions and more if the event allows them to do so.

This module covers certain operations and activities which are essential for a successful staging of an event. This module and the questions contained therein can also be considered as the ones that have the biggest impact as they encompass a large number of various stakeholders – supporters and those who make the event happen. Obviously, many of these depend on other practices which are carried out on a daily basis, but they are covered in other modules.

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