Without a viable policy framework in place and an environmental strategy to encompass various activities, the efforts of sport entities to pursue a greener path can easily be compromised. Putting these efforts into an appropriate framework, which is based on certain observations, data, needs analysis and consultations could be much more rewarding and motivating for the entire organisation. While an exemplary governance already shows the top management’s determination to improve its environmental performances it should not simply be a blank statement and stay unaccompanied by an action plan or enabling actions. The entire organisation and its staff, as well as external stakeholders need to be aware of the sport entity’s aspirations and contribute equally. This is why an appropriate governance is necessary to make various strategies reach each member of the sport value chain, to enable them to contribute and after all, ensure appropriate monitoring and evaluation. If done right, it can result in a multitude of benefits – attracting sponsors, obtaining environmental labels and in general enriching a sport organisation’s portfolio and annual reports.

This module wants to reflect on the underlying aspects of environmental governance and raise questions on key practices and principles which would open the door to significant improvements in environmental management. Some questions also cover those less obvious environmental practices which hide among corporate and top management decisions, such as sponsorships and transparency which can additionally affect the environmental image of sport organisations.

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