129 electric cars enable the world’s first bicycle race with fully electric support vehicles during the Arctic Race of Norway


Reduce emissions by support vehicles following a World Tour bike race by changing the car fleet to electric vehicles

This will be the world’s first cycling race sanctioned by the UCI (International Cycling Union) that exclusively uses electric support vehicles. An environmental measure that can save the cycling sport from significant carbon emissions every year, and an important step in the right direction for the UCI, which aims to halve its carbon emissions by 2027 and be entirely emission-free by 2030

It is the electric car and technology manufacturer Xpeng that makes it possible to organize this year’s race with exclusively electric support vehicles. They have become an official partner with the Arctic Race of Norway, precisely to demonstrate that it is feasible to organize major cycling events using only electric support vehicles.

During the Arctic Race of Norway, everyone, including the teams, will use Xpeng’s cars. This leads to a significant challenge with charging capacity. In Northern Norway, the charging network is considerably less developed compared to further south in the country, although it has improved in recent years. This, combined with a need for absolute assurance regarding capacity, has led Xpeng, in collaboration with Kempower, to provide its own mobile charging park to make this unique cycling event possible. The charging park is towed by the new, award-winning electric car XPENG G9, a large premium SUV that now has a particularly important task in its first encounter with Norwegian roads.

Xpeng also provides personnel to ensure that the charging logistics align.

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