The purpose of the Charter is to engage and legally bind event organisers to follow sustainable rules in order to reach ambitious sustainability goals on the eve of Paris Olympic Games 2024.

General description of the initiative

Convinced that Sport is an incredible vector to forster the environmental transition of or society, the WWF France brought its expertise to the French Ministry of Sports to update the first version of the Charter of Engagement with key figures and objectives towards the 2024 deadline.

Among the different environmental area on which the signatories are engaging their structure to comply: sustainable food, mobility, biodiversity protection or waste reduction. For instance, signatories will have to adopt and implement a sustainable and responsible procurement policy and engage to perform at least 90% of their travels by the means of sustainable transportation modes, by 2024.

In order to guarantee the credibility of the engagements of the signature ensemble, the Charter requests the publication of a report based on an evaluation of the different objectives. This request is based on coherence with the will of the actors to develop a culture of evaluation, including the implementation of continuous improvement in the organization of great international sports events.


Created under the initiative of major international sports events and the French Ministry of Sports, in collaboration with WWF France, the charter of 15 engagements have permitted to more than 350 national or international events to evolve towards more sustainable practices.