Aviron Bayonnais becomes the first sports club with a mission – FRANCE


Aviron Bayonnais, the flagship club of French rugby, has become a company with a mission. It is the first French professional sports club to become one, and the result of a big work on the CSR of the Basque club.

General description of the initiative: Aviron Bayonnais, an iconic French rugby club, has announced its transformation into a mission-driven company, becoming the first professional sports club in France to adopt this status. This decision stems from considerable efforts in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR) from the Basque club. The club, which plays in PRO D2, has based this initiative on its CSR policy, aiming to become an inspiring model in its territory. Being a mission-driven company involves realigning the company’s corporate purpose by focusing on a purpose and integrating the social and environmental issues related to its activities.

Results: Aviron Bayonnais’ commitment as a mission-driven company reflects its determination to be “Committed for tomorrow”. As part of its CSR policy, the club has already taken significant and innovative measures in various areas:

  • It has partnered with SUEZ to manage water resources and has strengthened its commitment to preserving and reducing water consumption.
  • The club has also been involved in reducing its carbon footprint by assessing its carbon footprint and adopting sustainable mobility measures for its employees.
  • Actions have been undertaken to preserve biodiversity, such as the revegetation of the Jean-Dauger plain and a sport-health oncology project in partnership with the Belharra Clinic.
  • In addition, the club has signed a Sustainable Employment Charter to support local employment.

These achievements were made possible  by the Bayonnais Rugby Pro Rowing Endowment Fund, created in 2018. This special fund aims to support initiatives in the fields of sport, health, education, culture and environment.

Last but not least, the transition towards this status of a company with a mission allows the club to strengthen its commitment to solidarity and fraternity, which are important values for the rugby players, fans and community.

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