Establishes a series of measures that guide Trail event organizers Running to carry out risk prevention, protection and minimization actions that this type of competition can generate in the environment. Establishes control and monitoring measures by the RFEA during the different phases of organization and development of the competition.​

General description of the initiative: Many are the organizers who ask the pertinent administrations for the necessary permits to organize Trail Running tests. The following document proposes and facilitates a series of measures and actions that will guide and will help organizers to prevent, protect and minimize the impact that their events can generate in the environment, as well as in case it is necessary apply corrective measures allowing the coexistence of Trail Running with respect and nature conservation. To achieve this goal, it is necessary for the organization to maintain a committed attitude during all phases of the event: planning, development and evaluation. In addition to the race organization itself and its entire work team, the administration through its environmental technicians, play a fundamental role in achieving the protection of natural resources and the compatibility between Trail Running tests and conservation of the environment. For this it is essential that a coordinated work be carried out between Organization and Administration, from the planning phase of the event until its evaluation.

Results: Once the competition is over, the organization must send the RFEA the report of environmental assessment prepared by the coordinator, as well as the possible reports prepared by the environmental technicians of the local governments which will be taken into account for the inclusion of future editions in the calendar.

Contact and information:

Alberto MUÑOZ (General Coordinator) :​