Since its creation in 2013, the main objective of European Athletics’ Green Inspiration program is to raise general public and organizers’ awareness in the field of environmental protection and sustainability whilst promoting or organising a competition.

General description of the initiative

The program has two main workflows; first is to include Sustainability and Legacy in the bidding process to be implemented during athletics events (e.g. walking distance of places, already existing facilities, temporary constructions without harm to the environment, reuse of facilities afterwards, etc.). Second is to communicate about Local Organising Committees’ initiatives through the brand “Green Inspiration”.

During the 2017 Belgrade’s European Athletics Indoor Championships, while in breaks of competitions, volunteering and cheering for the favourite ones, international team led selected participants through the Green stations. At the each of the stations, participants have had the opportunity to interactively find out what are the Sustainable Development Goals, how sport can support implementation, and how individual can take an active part and make a change.

“We are extremely pleased that we have become part of the humanitarian action Refugee ScART and that we entrusted making gifts for our guests to the refugees. For the purposes of the European Indoor Championships in Belgrade the refugees manually created unique notebooks and pencils out of recycled materials in the colours of the Championship” – Ana Lukovic, Project Manager of the Local Organizing Committee


Indoors Belgrade 2017

  • Cap for handicap (collection of caps to be recycled, then the money is spent for devices to help people with disabilities)
  • Refugee ScART gift (creation of notebooks and pencils by refugees made of recycled materials in the colors of the championships)
  • Session for volunteers “Jump 2 Score Green” (2-days workshop)
  • Go Belgrade 2017! Maps for walking (maps to encourage guests to use less transportation and to be active)

SPAR Cross-Country Tilburg 2018

  • Engaging children and teaching them about the merits of a healthy lifestyle
  • Refugee involvement through a volunteering programme
  • Encouraging participation with the inclusion of a non-competitive fun run on the programme
  • Inclusivity with a relay event on the schedule for people with disabilities
  • Environmental initiatives (paperless promotion.
Contact and information:

Yannick MORARD​