The National Rugby Federation of Hungary has implemented initiatives in favour of green transportation and mobility during the organisation of the 2021 Men & Women Trophy Tournament. This event was also the perfect occasion to deploy sustainable measures to reduce plastic pollution and waste.

General description of the initiative
Hungary is hosting one of Rugby Europe’s Men & Women 7s Trophy tournaments in Budapest every July and has decided to make it a green event starting from July 2021. The organisers have therefore implemented initiatives to rent electric buses for the internal transportation of Teams and match officials (approximatively 390 persons) whilst dedicating specific resources for the medical unit. Bicycles were also let to the disposal of the officials and staff working on the event.

In order to reduce waste production, all the plastic bottles were replaced by drinking bottles and water fountains whilst the content of the catering was made single-use plastic free by promoting plastic free cutlery and degradable cleaning products.

Those initiatives have permitted to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and waste production during the event.

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