How did an international sports competition switch to gourds? – French Gymnastics Federation X Gobi | FRANCE


Gobi equipped the International Gymnastics Championships with more than 700 water bottles made in France, distributed among the gymnasts, the members of each country’s delegation, the international judges, the staff, the volunteers and the journalists. No member of the public was forgotten!
Each person received a Gobi adapted to their needs:
– Indoor glass Gobis for the gymnasts, to keep hydrated between events
– Gobi Street for volunteers and staff, lighter and more portable, to keep with you at all times.
Each Gobi could be personalised with the first name of its lucky owner: red for staff members, white for athletes and blue for volunteers! A water bottle for everyone!

General description of the initiative: For the French Gymnastics Federation, this meant eliminating the consumption of almost 10,000 disposable 50cl bottles (6 pallets), or around 5,000 litres of water.
As regards access to water, which is essential for a competition of this scale, both for the athletes and for everyone involved in the event, the organisers had to resort to installing bottled water fountains at certain strategic points to supplement the traditional facilities in the hall (toilets).

Results: In all, 3 pallets of water bottles were used, equivalent to 2,595 litres of water. Another key factor in the success of this experiment was the distribution of the Gobis. Gymnasts received the Gobi in their welcome pack on their first day in Paris. For other audiences, the Gobi were distributed by volunteers in the various rooms. The volunteers were trained beforehand to explain the environmental footprint of the product and how it had been made, so that everyone would be proud to adopt it.