Sustainable medals for Rugby World Cup 2023 – France


Reduce the impact of a major global event by producing sustainable medals.  Winners of the 2023 Rugby World Cup will receive medals which have been produced from more than 200,000 recycled phones.

General description of the initiative: Hosts of the 2023 Rugby World Cup 2023 are committed to reducing the overall  environmental impact of this global event. In partnership with the Orange group and with the collaboration of the Monnaie de Paris, France 2023 will handle  recycled medals made from used phones. Gold, silver and bronze medals, as well as participation medals, will be awarded to teams and players who stand out in the competition.

In addition to the medal itself, the design is also meant to pass messages. The medals incorporate symbols such as the Möbius ribbon, connecting players to fans, and the signatures of the ten host cities of the competition. The back of the medals features the Webb Ellis Trophy, associated with rugby’s history and innovative spirit, while celebrating its bicentenary in 2023. The ensemble embodies boldness and tradition, illustrating France and rugby in their strongest essence.

Results: To manufacture these medals, the Orange Group launched a program to collect used phones, supported by their own corporate initiative to promote refurbished phones. The collected phones were sorted and repaired, or recycled for metal mining in a specialized center. The materials obtained were then prepared by a specialized company for the manufacture of the medals. In collaboration with France 2023, the medals were designed, engraved and produced at the Monnaie de Paris. The medals will be awarded to participants in environmentally friendly packaging, with ribbons made from recycled materials. This innovative and eco-friendly approach illustrates how Rugby World Cup 2023 integrates sustainable values into sporting tradition and highlights commitment to the environment and social responsibility.

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