The objective of the Ocean Initiative Program is to engage volunteers, audience and athletes in a waste collections on the competition site, to understand and resolve the issue of marine pollution at the source.

General description of the initiative

The Ocean Initiatives campaign is a Surfrider Foundation Europe’s program to tackle the marine litter issue through education, citizen science and lobby. In concrete terms, Ocean Initiatives are clean-up actions all over the world. These litter collections are organized by volunteers with the support of Surfrider Foundation Europe.

If you choose to organize a collection you will have to follow the procedure. You will have to fill in the information regarding your operation (title, date, location…), choose the elements you need in the free collection kit, and inform a delivery address for the kit. Make sure you receive a confirmation once your operation is registered.

The organisation can have a better idea on the amount of waste collected, and therefore, tangible and visible resource for your audience.

The Ocean Initiative program is not about waste collection only; quantifying collected wasted allows you to have a good snapshot of the sources of pollution around your event

Eventually, it allows the structure to build an action plan to reduce or tackle pollution issues at the source (e.g. water bottles pollution would lead to rethink the water procurement during an event).

Contact and information:

Camille FRAYSSE​