To create a zero-waste, zero-waste event, the “waste” issue must be taken into account upstream, when organising the event, and downstream, by allowing waste to be sorted and recycled. However, despite the best efforts of the organisers, there remains one major adjustment variable: the habits and behaviour of the participants during the event.

The aim of this short guide is to provide practical suggestions for any participant wishing to reduce the impact of their event, whether or not it has been planned as a zero-waste event. Don’t hesitate to take inspiration from this non-exhaustive list!

General description of the initiative  The “Mon événement Zero Waste” guide consists of a main booklet containing 12 key actions aimed at all event organisers to help them commit to a zero waste, zero waste approach. Whether it’s a birthday party, a festival for several thousand people or a corporate seminar, every organiser can, at their own level, implement one or more of the actions proposed in this guide to make their event a strong and positive signal. The primary aim of this initiative is to engage the participants in an event and call on them to take responsibility.

Results: The list of suggested actions is not exhaustive. These are just a few ideas, the main aim being to get the ball rolling. Not all the actions listed can be transposed to all events, and conversely, you can think of many additional solutions to minimise your impact and commit to a “zero waste, zero waste” approach.

Contact and information:

Association Zero Waste France 1, passage Emma Calvé – 75 012 Paris – Tél. : 01 55 78 28 60

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