Resource Management

Good and sustainable resource management doesn’t only contribute to overall environmental management but can lead to certain financial savings, too. Sports require the use of a multitude of resources both for staging and event and for everyday operations. Whatever they are – paper, textile, food, plastic or wooden products they all have their own environmental footprint which depends on the way they were sourced, their country of origin or production, their lifetime and many other factors. This is where sport entities can act and prevent damage to the environment by having an appropriate sourcing strategy and knowing their purchases. Many purchases and use of resources is externalised in many fields, including sports, therefore extending and imposing own sustainable resource management onto different contractors can double the results of all the efforts put into it. Resource management doesn’t stop at sourcing but should be extended through the products lifetime by ensuring proper use, maintenance and inventorying in order to make sure they last and are in use as long as possible.

This module covers the different phases of resource management, from sourcing and tracing, as well as the use of products. The module wants to reflects on various operations and resource use both for staging and event and for everyday operations on the pitch and at offices.

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